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degal’s Community Action Website service

We can provide fully responsive, community action & campaign websites that help to empower your campaign…

Why is it important to back up your campaign with a website?

When creating a community interest campaign, having a method to ensure your message is found and then heard is crucial; especially if you wish to effect change and influence the public and other interested stakeholders to your particular view.

The right campaign website can help you to spread your message, gain support and most importantly promote financial backing to help drive your campaign to achieve its goals.

A website can be a great tool to bring together the various online communication methods and ensure all your social media is referenced and available from one important base.

Many parties will have invested heavily in a media and marketing strategy for their plans, if you wish to counter these as a community group then you have to put your campaigning on a similar footing – albeit on much less resources and at the mercy of volunteers time!

No Southampton Biomass, Community Action Campaign

No Southampton Biomass, Community Action Campaign

No Southampton Biomass Campaign

Here at degal, Steven Galton our owner, played a large part in the core group of a community campaign in Southampton against a large proposed biomass power station. With the input of effective on and off line marketing the community were able to influence local politicians, play a part in changing national policy towards biomass subsidising and ultimately defeat the proposals of the company wishing to build their power station.

This all started with campaign branding around “No Southampton Biomass” and matching online profiles, websites and campaigns to engage the local community, gather intelligence and work as one to promote the message and explain just why the proposal was unsuitable on every level. The main campaign was supplemented by additional website based campaigns such as “Roc Off” – a national website based campaign to influence Government policy on large scale biomass subsidies.

If you are a local community group, looking to take your campaign to the next step, but at an affordable price then please get in touch…

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