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Project Description

Political Websites: Conservative MP Royston Smith’s Website

You can see a few images from this political website we completed for local Southampton Itchen MP, Royston Smith. Royston had an existing website design but this was a fixed width design from his time prior to winning the Southampton Itchen seat in 2015’s general election. The website looked great and functioned well, but only on devices of 800 pixels or wider…

Royston was very happy with the features, layout and the functions of the existing site so the challenge was to maintain the design elements that were appealing, but convert the site layout in to a fluid and fully responsive design for user functionality. The original site was based on the wordpress platform and had a couple of custom features including a custom post type that then displayed as a feed on the main page.

We ensured that the new site was in a format and function that allowed him to carry on self publishing as he had always done. We also added some smart additional features such as a custom Google Map of the Southampton Itchen Constituency and fully customisable surveys that will help Royston deliver on his pledge to survey local constituents opinions on major issues prior to any vote he may take part in.

Why not view Royston’s website now for more information, especially if you are looking for a new political or campaign based website design yourself…

Visit Royston Smith MP's Website

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