degal re-brand and re-launch

//degal re-brand and re-launch

degal re-brand and re-launch

After 5 years the main degal site has finally had the TLC it deserved!

As you will probably have noticed is finally looking as great as the other web sites we have been busy building... Read below what are plans are for the rest of 2015 and going in to 2016.

More on the work we have undertaken on degal

For the past 5 years we have had a number of separate businesses running independent of each other. With some exciting expansion plans for 2016 we felt now was the correct time to look at these entities and decide on the best structure going forward.

As such the new parent brand of degal has been created. This will be a single promoted point of contact for each of the 3 main sub brands of internet based services we will now offer. To help clarify and bring these previously stand alone elements together we have maintained a strong core brand association with degal, and then created unique elements to define these parent product service areas.

Introducing our brand elements

degal Website Design Logo

(Our new degal Website Design Logo)

degal Website Design

As you can see the core values of our new degal Website Design brand will be a strong blue colour. You can see the new dedicated website design section of our website here.

The main reason all our websites are so awesome is the level of detail that goes in to both the front end design and the back end coding.

Each of our websites is coded for speed and excellent performance in all areas from user experience to search engine friendliness…

degal SEO Logo

(Our new degal SEO Logo)

degal SEO

As you can see the core values of our new degal SEO brand will be a bold green colour. You can see the new dedicated SEO – Search Engine Optimisation section of our website here.

The main focus on all our SEO work is to secure impressive search engine positioning, it is about setting realistic goals and aims for your budget and growing your SEO strategy in tangent to your online presence growth.

degal Online Marketing Logo

(Our new degal Online Marketing Logo)

degal Online Marketing

As you can see the core values of our new degal Online Marketing brand will be a passionate red colour. You can see the new dedicated Online Marketing section of our website here.

We are passionate about what we do and this is the reason we so confidently claim to have your back when it comes to the world of online advertising.

We are the experts at understanding what you want to achieve, how soon you need to achieve this and then developing the best strategy to implement what you are looking to achieve.

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About the Author:

Steven Galton is the founder and owner of degal. It is his passion and drive that forge the vision for degal and ensures that we deliver for ALL our clients. On top of running degal, Steve is also involved in politics and is a front bench Councillor at Southampton City Council.

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