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Website Design

We've been building websites for years. We work with you to understand the exact role it needs to play in your business. We then deliver something pretty awesome for you...

awesome websites via code and design

It’s not just making something that looks good, just as important is to make sure the behind the scenes coding is up to scratch. From coding for site delivery speed (crucial for mobile browsing) to making sure your site is found in the search engines, the degal Website Design service is something to shout about!


SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) is not as complicated as a lot of agencies make out. It is about the right strategy and doing the right things!

impressive positioning of your website

There is no SEO training manual. When it comes to optimising for search engines, such as Google, you will never know how they rank. You can stick to a number of simple basic steps, and utilise years of experience that mean worrying about algorithm changes affecting your ranking is a thing of the past!

Online Marketing

A website is just one part of your online marketing strategy. Combine your online marketing efforts, across different mediums, with a comprehensive strategy for maximum ROI.

from social media to PPC, we're your wingman...

Understanding your business and brand allows us to craft the perfect, cross medium, online marketing strategy. Like any wingman, we help you attract the attention you want, avoiding undesirable relationships and communicating perfectly with your desirable target audience.

Degal website design has brought our Charity to life: Our clients tell us that it is easy to navigate, communicates clearly the work that we do and makes contacting the Charity a quick and easy task.

The numbers using the website are ever increasing. Steven is easy to contact and really very supportive when it comes to keeping the website up to date and relevant, a great asset to our Charity.

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More Than Just Your Ordinary Business Web Site Development Company!

degal is a web development and internet marketing company founded by Steven Galton and has 3 main core service areas: Website Design, SEO and Online Marketing. Based from Southampton, Hampshire we work with businesses across the UK, but mainly in the South of England area.

  • Fully caring and understanding of your business needs and requirements – we do what your business needs us to.
  • Unique in our thinking and practices when it comes to SEO – we break the mirrors and clear the smoke from the SEO industry…
  • Can help your business focus and most importantly scale its online marketing strategies and campaigns – we’re in it for the long term with you!

Creating Web Sites That Work As A Genuine Tool For Your Business

Websites need to look great but they also need to work great. Luckily degal can offer you both!

What Are The Next Steps? How Do We Use degal?

From optimising your current site to re-designing or creating a brand new website, each job has a slightly different path, but each will end up at the same end product – a business web site that ticks all the right boxes!

The first step to connecting your business to ours, is to understand exactly where you are with your on-line identity and most importantly – where you want to be and equally crucially where you need to be with your company web site and on-line presence.

Creating a strategy, that will deliver the results you need, is our only concern. We are brutally honest, and if what you want to achieve isn’t possible due to any number of factors including coding, costing or content limitations, then we will politely refuse to do work that we know will not deliver for you.

At degal we are not about the “quick buck”, but forming a strong working relationship with each of our clients, where our quality is your assurance, and the benefits to working with us are obvious to your business and its on line presence.

Please email info(at) with a brief synopsis of how we can help you or what work you are looking for. You can use our contact page to quickly get in touch. By providing this basic information you will receive the quickest and most informed response.

We are also more than happy to talk to you in person, so please call us on 02380 481732.

We have a whole section dedicated to our web site design services which details our web design process in full, however each of our websites follow these simple steps:

  • Understanding – What Does Your Business Website Need To Do Or Achieve?
  • Research – How Are We Going To Achieve This
  • Planning & Design – We Now Set About Delivering
  • Completion – Once Launched We Monitor & Perform Tweaks If Needed

We have a whole section dedicated to our SEO services which details our search engine optimisation process in full, however each of our SEO projects follow these simple steps:

  • Understanding – What Results Do You Want?
  • Research – What Is A Realistic Budget & Timeframe For Result Delivery
  • Planning & Design – We Construct Your SEO Strategy
  • Completion – SEO Is Generally An Ongoing Process, However We Monitor Results Against Research Plans

We have a whole section dedicated to our online marketing services which details our internet marketing process in full, however each of our websites follow these simple steps:

  • Understanding – What Does Your Online Presence Need To Achieve?
  • Research – How Are We Going To Achieve This
  • Planning & Design – We Create Your Online Campaign
  • Completion – Use Of Analytics Data To Judge Success Of Online Marketing Campaigns
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Awesome Web Sites, Great Search Engine Positioning & Online Marketing To Shout About

  • Every web site design is fully responsive – your content seamlessly adapting to any screen size
  • Beautiful looking sites, backed up by beautiful behind the scenes coding for web site speed and performance
  • Every site designed with SEO in mind from scratch! As the SEO Experts we are saving you £1000’s by doing this from the start!
  • Years of delivering page 1 positioning for local businesses like yours
  • No need to worry about Google algorithm changes or ranking updates, our sites are white hat and bulletproof
  • We probably end up caring about your site more than you will, it is a matter of pride to us
  • Not just online marketing for the sake of it, we deliver results
  • Years of experience to deliver the best results for your budget
degal Responsive Web Site Design

degal Responsive Web Site Design